Creative Discovery
  A Preschool for 3, 4 and 5 year olds. 
            119 E. Fulton St.
                Celina, Oh 45822
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 Payment Options

1 child
2 days

 1 child
 3 days

2 children
both 2 days 

2 children
one 2 day
one 3 day 

2 children
both 3 day 

 Monthly Tuition
Extended Day






 4 Month Payment
Extended Day






 5 Month Payment
Extended Day






 Annual Payment
Extended Day






*****Tuition for the first and last month are due on September 1st.*****

When to make a Payment

Tuition payments are due the first day of each month of the school year for those paying on a monthly payment plan. 

If paying in 2 installments, the first payment is due September 1st for the first four months of the school year and January 1st for the remaining five months.

If paying for the entire year, payment is due September 1st.

Please note that NO REFUND of tuition is made should your child discontinue attendance at Creative Discovery during the school year.

 To accomodate your paycheck schedule we do allow a 7 day grace period.  However, should we not receive your tuition payment by the 8th day of the month a $15.00 LATE FEE will be assessed.

How to make a Payment 

Payment by: CHECK: Make check payable to Creative Discovery and please enter your child's name in the bottom left 
                               hand corner of your check.
                   CASH:  Place cash in an envelope and write your child's name on the envelope.
Delivery Method: Mail: Creative Discovery Preschool, 119 E. Fulton St., Celina Oh 45822
                   At School: You may drop your payment in the "tuition box" located outside the preschool classrooms.

Should you have any question concerning tuition please contact us.
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